Why Mint Chocolate Chip

March 1, 2012

My Favorite DoubleScoop

Why Mint Chocolate Chip?
Naming things is not one of my strengths, and I probably should have shared that with the guys I work for. For example, it took my husband and I ten days to name our first daughter. Finally, when the hospital staff let us know that if we needed more than 10 days we would have to pay $250, we settled on Lydia. With the second child, we couldn’t decide between two names, so we named her both, and added onto that a hyphenated last name. Yes, both of our last names are that important. She may fail standardized tests simply because she can’t fill in all the bubbles in time.

The DoubleScoop team spent a really, really long time trying to name our application. I think it took a solid 4 months for us to decide to use the name DoubleScoop. We liked that it is easy to spell, relates to ice cream – a treat most kids and grandparents love – and the ‘double’ makes us think of grandparents giving their grandkids a little something extra. So far, it seems to be working for us.

Then I had to name my blog. We started with DoubleScoop Mom. We wanted to be upfront that I work at DoubleScoop and would occasionally be using the blog to promote the product. But we all found it to be a little dull, and I frankly get a little tired of just being ‘mom’ all the time. Going back to work is my way to take a break from being mom 24/7. But, we wanted to stick with the ice cream theme that we are using for our product, DoubleScoop. A few weeks ago, I had asked that we each put our favorite ice cream on our business cards. Cute, right? Apparently not, according to the team. So I thought instead I could name my blog with my favorite flavor: mint chocolate chip. So, I’ll try this out for a while until I think of something better. Runner-up: AnotherScoop.

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  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    I look forward to more of your posts. 2 of my 7 grandsons live 3000 miles away, and sometimes I think they’re getting ripped off.

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