March 8, 2012

Last week, I planned a movie night for me and my two girls, since my husband was out that night. I am not particularly crafty or creative, but something prompted me to make invitations for the not-so-big event (crudely pictured above). I left them on the kitchen counter the day before the screening. They loved the invitation, and talked about it all day. When will we have the popcorn? What kind of ice cream will I have? Should we wear our pajamas? Anticipating the movie night was almost as good as the event itself.
A visit to grandmother’s house is a lot like that. While being with grandmother is hand’s down the best part, planning and anticipating the trip is really fun for my kids, too. As we get closer to a trip, the kids and grandparents talk on the phone more frequently, and excitedly, as they decide what they are going to do. The kids mull over what they will bring, whether they’ll get a cookie or a cupcake at the local bakery, and whether they will finally go back to Disneyland. And, while I am only guessing, I suspect my mom enjoys the planning period, too. (Of couse, after she reads this, she might let me know what she really thinks).

We are gearing up for a visit right now, and I suggested to my mom that it might be fun to send the kids an invitation to an ‘event’ at her house during our trip. While there is already a lot for the girls to think about, an invitation can add an extra bit of excitement, even if it’s a tea party in the backyard, or a picnic at the beach. We’ll see what might show up in the mail.

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