Uh oh. DoubleScoop is about to launch.

March 12, 2012

I mentioned in my first post that one goal of this blog is to let grandparents and moms know about the DoubleScoop app. Amazingly, it seems that we are going to launch DoubleScoop in the next week. Why amazing? It turns out there are quite a few delays that are common in software development. I of course was aware of this, but understand that the first launch date I was given was December 2011. After several false starts, I have a lot to do, and I have no idea where I put my marketing plan last year.
Why did it take so long to build? First, coming up with a concept took a long, long time. When I joined the team in the spring of 2011, we were thinking of building a device that simplified social networking for people with little technological savvy, but who want to use social media to stay connected with younger family members. We vigorously debated how to do this all spring and summer. It was awful. The only thing that saved me was that our founder had recently adopted a puppy, Emma, pictured below, and I would play with her while we discussed the endless problems we encountered.

Finally, we focused in on the specific need that grandparents had to connect with their grandchildren. We all personally identified with this need since we all have out-of-state grandparents. We were able to do initial testing with my kids and their grandparents. (One of the first things my mom asked us to add was a delete button. I was appalled that she wasn’t going to keep everything the grandkids sent her, but agreed the quantity of messages the girls sent was overwhelming at first.) We put up our website last week at www.doublescoop.net, and we are graciously inviting friends and family test it out next week. I’ll write later about how the testing goes. In the meantime, I am off to find my marketing launch plan from last winter. I need to get busy.


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