Behaving Badly

April 9, 2012

Ugh. Everything went smoothly for most of our trip to visit our grandparents over spring break. There was a minor hiccup when I realized that my 4-yr old wasn’t just trying to get attention by whining about pain in her foot. It turns out I had mistakenly dressed her in a shoe two sizes too small for her that she had bravely worn through two major airports. A quick trip to the shoe store fixed that problem.

However, on the drive back from the resort we went to with the grandparents, the little angels began to bicker in the back of the car. The 4-yr old kept humming, and big sister asked her to stop. She hummed more, a little softer. On one hand, it brought back a lot of memories of traveling with my brother. We fought a lot, and he taught me the concept of ‘international air space’, essentially meaning that while back seat was divided, he could still hit or pinch me. On the other hand, this was not the experience I was hoping to share with the grandparents.

It is completely unrealistic to think your kids will always be perfectly behaved around grandparents. But you can hope. And try. I brought out every snack I had. I made a major concession and let them play Angry Birds on my mom’s iPad. Then, of course, they fought about who had spent more time flinging birds around. Desperate, I sunk lower. Cupcakes, donuts and frosted cookies were promised. The humming continued.

At last, we made it home. The rascals cooled down and went to bed. ‘They were clearly tired,’ I said, trying to explain their behavior. And the grandparents, being very good grandparents indeed, chose not to give me any parenting advice, but simply agreed.

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