Leaving the kids with the Grandparents. How I am trying to make it work.

July 10, 2012

It’s been a long time since my husband and I have taken a vacation without our kids. Finally, we think they are old enough to be left with their grandparents for a few days while we take a mini adventure. Our biggest concern is that our youngest child will miss us too much. Of course, that might just be my ego talking, and her grandmother certainly doesn’t anticipate this. Regardless, here’s what I am doing now to help her survive a few days without mom and dad:

1. Talking up their visit with grandparents. I am spending a lot of time reminding her how much she loves her time with her grandparents. I am playing up the beach, the sand toys, my mom’s kids books and, of course, the cupcakes at the local bakery.

2. Helping the grandparents plan activities. My mom and I have thought of some fun things to do while we are away. They will have a couple of movie nights, and we are already looking into DVDs that can be on hand before the kids arrive. We also signed the girls up for a camp to give my parents a break, and keep the girls busy.

3. Making a list of favorite foods. This menu for the week will be loaded with foods the kids like. Fussiness at dinner and complicated recipes are the last thing my parents and kids need to deal with. My recommendations include hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese and a night out for Mexican food. (Hmmm. Sounds a lot like this week’s menu at home…)

4. A friendly grandmother/granddaughter competition. A week ago, the girls and my mom kicked off a contest to see who would walk the most steps before their visit, as tracked by the GeoPalz pedometers my mom gave them in May. The prize: A heavily decorated cake from the bakery, winner receives the first piece. The girls are already thinking about grandma as they cruise around town with their pedometers.

5. A lot of communication between grandma and grandchild…now! As we inch closer to our visit, we are increasing the phone calls and DoubleScoop to help the girls become even more excited about their visit. Their grandmother is helping out by sending little messages about how much they are looking forward to their arrival, and what some of the exciting activities are that they have planned!

If you have any awesome tips to help a grandparent visit go smoothly, please share! Our hotel is non-refundable, so we’ll take all the help we can get.

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