Air Hugs

August 21, 2012

Today was the first day of kindergarten for my littlest girl. With her killer Barbie backpack and panda water bottle, she lined up with the other wee things and bravely started marching into class. Quickly, she turned around and wrapped her arms around her chest. I smiled. She had just sent me an ‘air hug.’ And I sent her a big one back.

I don’t remember exactly when she came up with air hugs. I think it was during her bedtime ritual, when she wasn’t quite ready to say goodnight, but it was time for dad to leave the room. First a real hug, then  a little air hug a few steps away, maybe an extra tight air hug another step back, and a giant air hug before leaving her room. Then, during what turned out to be a thankfully short period of preschool, she struggled with being dropped off. Air hugs saved the day (for me, at least). After one last real hug, I would send her a big air hug from the doorway, and she would send one back.

After she made it into the classroom this morning, I shared some pictures of her through DoubleScoop, with her grandparents, aunt and uncle. I had hoped to catch a shot of her in her air hug stance, but I was too late. She had taught her grandparents about air hugs during our summer visit, and I know they would love a hug. I think I will take a picture this afternoon for them at pick-up. It’s not the same as the real thing, but it’s another fun way to keep them in touch.

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