4 Reasons I am a Little Jealous of my Grandmother

September 6, 2012

I was thinking about Grandparents Day again, and about my grandmother H. I thought about her life and how she raised her kids. And, while I was packing up a few hundred things to take my kids to the pool, I realized I was a little jealous of her. Now, I am not suggesting for a minute that her life was easier, but there are some things she never had to think about that drive me crazy. Here they are:

1. Food allergies and intolerances. My own daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and it seems that every product we look at has a warning for traces of peanuts. It’s incredibly frustrating to be stressed over something so basic as what food my child eats. And as more kids and adults are avoiding more types of foods, having people over for dinner has become a challenge as more dietary needs need to be met.

2. Toxic pajamas. Have you tried to find a pair of loose fitting pajamas for your child that doesn’t have flame retardants on them? If you do, please let me know where you purchased them. Now that I am aware how toxic these chemicals are, especially to girls, I am of course trying to avoid my kids’ exposure to them. I wish kids’ clothes simply didn’t have chemicals.

3. Cyber-bullying and stalking. I probably am painting too rosy a picture, but I think when my grandmother’s kids were at home, they were in a truly safe place – no bullying, no teasing, no stranger danger. Now, new online services and networks expose kids to all of those things, no matter where they are. I hate to think that my kids are not going to have a place that is truly safe. For this reason, we have chosen to be extremely restrictive with the internet, limiting them to a couple educational apps (we picked these with the help of www.commonsensemedia.org), and DoubleScoop. But they’re still young, and I already dread how much time it will take for me to stay on top of their online lives as they get older.

4. Sunscreen. I hate sunscreen. And then, I find out that the chemicals in some sunscreens might be worse than the damage from the sun itself. So now we use a ridiculously expensive pasty white organic sunscreen that is impossible to rub in, and impossible to get off anything, such as my car, furniture and clothes. Except of course the moment anyone gets wet, and it seems to trickle off their bodies in steady white streams.

I wish I knew what my grandmother thought about her grandmother’s life. I know a little bit about her mother -Ma – but I never thought to ask about her grandmother. Maybe this Sunday, Grandparents Day, is a good time to see what you can find out from your grandparents.

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