So here is the story of how I ended up doing this blog….

It was a great idea at the time. Tired of the crowded streets of Manhattan where my husband grew up, we opted to move out of New York. We also decided against my native Los Angeles, with its own traffic issues. So we chose Colorado, an in-between place with enough urban and outdoor life to satisfy us both. Of course, we didn’t have any kids, nor did we have many friends with kids, who might have suggested that living close to family is a huge bonus with a newborn. So when our two angels finally did come along, our decision didn’t seem quite as brilliant as before. We longed for free babysitting at short notice when they were little, and it took a lot of time, money and effort to take them to visit both sets of grandparents on each coast.

We have no interest in moving. But we both agree that we wouldn’t be the same people if it weren’t for our relationships with our grandparents. My grandmother was a major figure in my life, even though she lived in a different state (more about her later). So we are committed to help our 4 and 7 yr. old girls build amazing relationships with their grandparents despite the distance between them.

After a lot of trips, phone calls, Skype sessions and plain old snail mail, I am thrilled at how connected my kids are to their grandparents. But I still feel there could be more. So a year ago, I heard about a couple of people in my town starting a company to bridge generations through technology. While I am definitely not a tech person (I could barely write this post), I am passionate about bringing kids and grandparents together. Now, I am happily working with a handful of guys in a one-room office with a co-ed bathroom. And part of my job is to share everything I know and learn about bringing kids and grandparents together. From time to time, I will of course suggest you try our app, but even if you don’t, I hope you enjoy my posts.

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